JSPAC Presents - Humanity - Equity and InCLUSION  

JSPAC will continue to focus on humanizing education with the central theme of the virtual event  “Equity and Inclusion for Humanity - Limitless.”

In the early 1950’s, there was a scientific belief that no human being was able to run a mile in less than four minutes. That was proven wrong by Roger Bannister. He was the first athlete to run a mile in four minutes.  

JSPAC perspective of  Equity and Inclusion for humanity is to use equity an inclusion as guiding principles to focus on human capacity, and the  limitless range of the diversity of learners, not groups to guide the work of faculty, teachers, CTE Administrators, counselors, Equity Coordinators, DEI coordinators/managers, grant managers. It is imperative for our education systems TK14 and higher education to shift mindset of the human first.

December 6 - December 9

Equity and INCLUSION FOR Humanity Virtual Sessions

The Equity and Inclusion for humanity virtual sessions is focus on the work of equity and inclusion guiding principles through marketing, retention, and success strategies for:

Track 1 Women of Color

CANCELLED -Track 2   Homeless

 Track 3  English Learners

 Track 4 Teachers of Color

*Fees (No group discounts)


Registration Open

*Registration can be funded by Perkins, Title V, CTEIG, CCPT, CEPIP, SSSP and Equity, Basic Skills, Strong Workforce, WIOA,  CABE, and SEA.