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JSPAC Presents - Unlocking Deliberations of Humanity - Lifetime of Sustainable Actions

Register Virtual Sessions December 7-9

Humanity Approach- December 7

Monday, December 7th, 2020, 8:30am-12pm

Deliberator: Berké Brown

This deliberation session is for administrators, faculty, staff, teachers, counselors, equity coordinators, diversity, equity and inclusion officers, and K-14 student leaders. The session is designed to introduce you to The Humanity Approach. The Humanity Approach will orient participants to taking on small acts of activism in their professional lives; will help build progressive movements that can lead to massive activism that opposes present practices and policies that are not considered “active humanity.” The session will focus on constructive solutions for students.

Humanizing Data - Perkins V- December 8

Deliberators: Ricardo Romanillos and Ashley Conrad

This deliberation session focuses on recognizing the human story that is told by the data. Using key performance indicators (secondary and post-secondary), this deliberation session will bring to the surface the voices, narratives and experiences of students that will inspire and drive actions that address institutional and programmatic equity gaps.

Humanizing Virtual Learning- December 9

Deliberator: Renee Marshall

This deliberation session emphasizes the humanity that must exist in virtual educational environments, one that is inclusive of special population students - the marginalized, underrepresented and LGTBQ+ students. Attendees will explore the difference between crisis remote learning and intentional remote learning. The session will explore key models of virtual learning, essential principles of Universal Design for Learning, and strategies for connecting HUMANLY within a virtual educational environment. In addition, this session will introduce an authentic learning experience model, MERRI (Meaningful, Engaging, Relational, Relevant, Insightful), designed by JSPAC.

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