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EQUITY IS A PROCESS, WE’LL HELP YOU CREATE AND SUSTAIN PROGRESS IN EQUITY,  ACCESS, and opportunities of non Traditional Training for the most underserved POPULATIONS.

The California Joint Special Populations Advisory Committee (JSPAC) is committed to empowering educators with equity and access resources to address barriers to opportunities for Career Technical Education students related to special populations.

We Empower with Equity and Access to enhance the Career and Technical Education field, encourage inidividuals to explore and enter into training programs and careers that are non-traditional by gender. 

JSPAC is a committee of educators from the K-12, adult education, community colleges (CC), and public and private sector.

Our members are equity-based capacity building leaders. Together these members are invested to long-term commitments  and sustainable progress for accessible, opportunities of nontraditional careers for students enrolled in CTE courses .

We Cultivate Equity

Equity is a process which involves creating and sustaining progress. Our committee members are active equity-based capacity building leaders setting high expectations, engagement, expansion and professional growth for educators.

What the committee says about cultivating equity


Our Actions

Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 State Leadership funding supports our ongoing efforts to:

  1. Identify and disseminate specialized curriculum materials and resources to support services to Special Populations.

  2. Expand linkages with other programs for which equity and access to Special Populations is mandated by funding sources and for which that service is critical to program success; share information on best practices; coordinate and leverage resources to maximize the number of students who can be served; and incorporate the expertise, resources, and support those having a stake in assuring all students succeed in school and the workforce, including business and labor, and community-based organizations.

  3. Continue to expand the strong relationship between the CCCCO and CDE in service to students who are members of special populations and involve other Special Populations staffing in all Perkins VTEA planning and implementation.

  4. Create linkages with other state and federal agencies serving the identified Special Populations and offer jointly developed professional development and technical assistance opportunities.

State Support

                                      California Department Education  (CDE)

California Adult Education Program

Community College Chancellor's Office








Centers of Excellence 

The Centers produce reports and tools that provide a real-time picture of the labor market, where it is headed, and what programs and training are needed to meet future workforce demand.