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Project Purpose

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The mission of the CA Perkins JSPAC is to promote equity and success in CTE for students from special populations by providing educators research based professional development, instructional strategies and resources.

Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 State Leadership funding supports the ongoing efforts of the JSPAC in their efforts to:

1.      Identify and disseminate specialized curriculum materials and resources to support services to Special Populations.  Such materials can include books, videos, software, and other materials designated for students or to support professional development;

2.      Expand linkages with other programs for which equity and service to Special Populations is mandated by funding sources and for which that service is critical to program success; share information on best practices; coordinate and leverage resources to maximize the number of students who can be served; and incorporate the expertise, resources, and support those having a stake in assuring all students succeed in school and the workforce, including business and labor, and community-based organizations;

3.      Continue to expand the strong relationship between the CCCCO and CDE in service to students who are members of special populations and involve other Special Populations staffing in all Perkins VTEA planning and implementation; and

4.      Create linkages with other state and federal agencies serving the identified Special Populations and offer jointly developed professional development and technical assistance opportunities