Webinars 2017

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Special Populations Webinar Series

The purpose of these webinars is to educate and provide important recommendations to help with effectively retaining and recruiting students from Special Populations as defined by the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technicail Education Improvement Act.

NOTE: If you are a first time user of CCC Confer Blackboard Collaborate you may need to prepare your computer for the *recorded session and allow 15 minutes to download. If revisiting the CCC Confer Blackboard Collaborate *recorded webinar sessions below, you will be prompted to run the program for each webinar session. 


(Re) Defining the Goal: The True Path to Career Readiness in the 21st Century

CTE K-12 Teachers, CTE Community College Instructors, Counselors, Education Specialist, Want to know how to take tangible action steps to help all students gain a competitive advantage? Join Kevin Fleming as he discusses how to balance preparing students for both higher education completion and the workforce.

Recorded Webinars

Women in Non-Traditional Employment Roles (WINTER)

Join Lynn Shaw and Alexandra Torres  to  learn about the WINTER School in Long Beach – Throughout its 20-year history, WINTER has promoted the employment of women in high-wage, high-skill labor markets by working primarily with two sectors:  poverty-level women and youth who need progressive high school education, employment training and related assistance and the employers who might hire them. 

Working with Millennials 

Let’s discuss the benefits and challenges of intergenerational education and employment with Elizabeth Wallner, JSPAC Consultant and CCCAOE Executive Director.

Trauma Informed Educational Practices

Easy, Simple steps on how to assist students as they navigate education while dealing with trauma at home or in their communities?

Using Social Media in Schools: Benefits & Drawbacks

Counselors, Teachers/Faculty, How can we effectively maximize our contact with students over social media? How can we make use of and become comfortable with Social Media as a teaching tool without letting it take over our lives?

Special Populations 101

Need a review or new to Perkins, this is a webinar just for you. Just the basics: Perkins, Data, Barriers, and Strategies.

*Soft Skills

Learn what soft skills businesses are looking for as well as how to best utilize the JSPAC Soft Skills e-seminar with your students.

*Better Together!

This webinar covers the Better Together! process and anticipated outcomes. It may act as the orientation for those schools enrolled in the Better Together! workshops


This webinar covers the what, when, why, who and how's of STEM and STEAM education and employment. How and why do we recruit and retain under-represented students into STEM education and careers?